Message from Principal

Dear Students,
here is no need to wander here and there in Katmandu to find a college. However despite the number selecting a suitable college is always a challenge. The institution you associate yourself with, always matters in your life and career both. Crimson International College believes that learning is life-long process thus offers you to develop a life skill with holistic approach towards the society, nation and the world at this college.

Crimson International College is among handful well-established, reputed and counted colleges in Katmandu. Our signature logo is “To lead and serve”. As its slogan goes Crimson offers an environment where students can shape their career and develop a life skill with holistic approach. With excellent teaching environment, outstanding teaching faculty is the asset of Crimson. College has large spacious play ground so we promote our students develop their extra curricular skills along with their academic performance.

Excellent Academic group with energetic promoters has turned Crimson College as excellent center for learning. We try to address all kinds of students who come to Katmandu for their higher studies. We play the role of substitute guardians for the students to fulfill their academic as well as career goals.

To verify the above note you better consult what our students speak on the following pages.

Padam Bdr. Chauhan
Act MD/Principal