Crimson Int’l College, managed and run by a group of highly experienced intellectuals, entrepreneurs, well-known multi-purpose co-operative and social workers, is a popular name for quality education in affordable fee structure. It offers education for +2 level in Science, Management and Humanities under HSEB and BBS level (TU). Located at Shankhamul ,Newbanshwor, Kathmandu CIC has proved its academic excellence and been successful in producing qualified , competitive , and promising menpower who can face the global challenges. CIC reaffirms its determination in building it the right destination for your future.It has already achieved an outstanding reputation for excellence in quality education.

Situated in the heart of the city, crimson International College is a well established, reputed and fast growing college in Kathmandu valley. The college was established with the motto: To lead and to serve as the college provides a foundation stone to shape the career of the of the students. Uncountable numbers of students in the past have been benefited with quality education at crimson international college as the college is committed to fulfill the growing demands of the modern day students. Due to its relentless effort, crimson has produced great scholars and many of them are in the course to become doctors, engineers, journalists and bankers, among other leading professions.

Crimson international college boasts of excellent academic environment and a friendly atmosphere .it would be an understatement to say the crimson is the ideal destination for quality education at affordable fee structure .the College has spacious classroom and a great teaching learning environment.

The college is also proud to have an outstanding teaching faculty, the backbone of education and any educational institution. Students over the years have always admired and praised and excellent faculty available at the college. Some well known professors and teachers are affiliated with crimson, to the delight of the students.

The college has a well facilitated huge complex and compound sprawled over some five ropanis of land. The college has well utilized the space as there are sports and extracurricular facilities. the huge playing field has a basket ball court, volley ball court, cricket practice pitch and a badminton court among others. At crimson, students are seen enjoying their multiple sports during break time and after class hour. The students also regularly participate in various college level sports tournament and have done the college proud. the college has always motivated the students towards sports and extra curricular activities .it will be relevant to recall that south Asian games gold medalist Ayasha Shakya is also a product of Crimson International college .Our Discipline Inchrage not only looks after the overall discipline e of the students, but also co–ordinates these sports activities.

The college also has well facilitated computer and science laboratories. Students are seen enjoying their computer practical works and they are seen conducting experiments in subjects such as physics, chemistry, and zoology in these labs. The college has always given top priority to practical and research based works, and therefore the students are always welcome in the laboratories.likewise, the college also has a well equipped library where students can find almost every book, they are looking for, our library staff is always willing to help the students choose the right book.

The college also provides transportation facilities at affordable cost .the College operate its private vehicle to ferry and drop the students. There is spacious cafeteria in the college compound as well. Good and healthy foods are provided to the student. Students are seen enjoying their food and engage themselves in healthy debate inside the college cafeteria.

Crimson family always believes that the modern day students are faced with multiple challenges in the journey of their live. Students can therefore build a sound base at crimson international college. The crimson family is confident that the students can always bank on the lessons learnt during the college days at Christmas and proceed onto become successful and great professionals in the days ahead.